Akber Optical has a large selection of frames to choose from.

Bring in a prescription from any doctor or specialist. Eye exams are available on the premises. Direct billing to most insurance companies.
We will make a quality pair of glasses for a very reasonable price, including bifocals and no-line bifocals.

Ultrathin Lenses

  • Up to 25% thinner and lighter, you’ll look and feel better in them
  • Comfort
  • Better fitting on your face with reduced pressure marks.
  • Offered in single vision, regular bifocal and invisible bifocal

Invisible Bifocals

  • Will improve your overall vision
  • A more fashionable look
  • No unsightly lines
  • Smooth transition from close up to distance


  • Ideal for young children and active adults
  • Made of polycarbonate impact resistant plastic
  • Light, thin, scratch resistant and offers 100% UV protection

Colour Tints

  • Available in a variety of colours and shades
  • Lighter tints will reduce glare
  • Cosmetic to enhance the frames or skin tone
  • Grey or brown shades for sunglasses and great for driving

Scratch Coating

  • Mainly used on plastic lenses
  • A hard coating that will actually protect the lenses

UV 400

  • Colourless
  • Protect the eyes as it helps prevent cataracts
  • Will also protect the eyes from the harmful rays of the sun and any Ultra Violet rays