Complete Contact Lens Service

Regular, Disposable and Coloured! Akber Optical has it all when it comes to contact lenses. Our professional staff will consult with you about the advantages of contact lenses. We provide each of our customers with FREE contact lens fittings to ensure your safety and comfort.

Our selection of contact lenses includes:
  • Regular
  • Disposables
  • Bifocal Contact Lenses
  • Soft & Gaspermeable
  • TORIC Lenses
  • Coloured Contact Lenses


Akber Optical offers daily, weekly or monthly disposable lenses. These are available in a wide range of prescriptions and can be often purchased individually. Disposable lenses offer:

  • Comfort – Since a disposable is replaced regularly, there is no build up on the lenses that may result in discomfort.
  • Convenience – No need to clean or disinfect your permanent contact lenses…just throw them away.
  • Cost Savings – Disposable lenses can save you money on replacement lenses, cleaning solution and cleaning devices.

Bifocal Contact Lenses

Bifocal contact lenses are lenses that offer two different prescriptions in a single lens. One prescription is for close reading, and the other for normal, distance vision. The dual prescriptions help people who suffer from presbyopia, where age-related changes to the eye cause difficulties in focusing on close objects.

FOCUS & Freshlook Colours Available

  • 2 pairs B & L Daily Wear contact lenses
  • 6 months supply Acuvue disposable contact lenses
  • 6 months supply FOCUS montly
  • 4 boxes FOCUS TORIC disposable contact lenses